Sunday, December 2, 2018

Guest Accommodations

Over the Thanksgiving break my landlady's brother came to stay and as there was no room in her two bedroom house which she shares with her boyfriend, she planned on having him sleep in a tent in the backyard and asked me if he could use my toilet should the one in the house be occupied. I didn't want anyone I didn't know using my house let alone a man using my toilet (since it is strictly a sit down toilet) so I offered to set him  up with my guest accommodations in my Springbar cabana tent. It was never actually used.

And to sweeten the deal I offered to put up my largest tent and furnish it with my vintage cot and tent cot sans tent. One for sleeping on and one as a suitcase stand and bedside table. The best place to put the tent was under the arbor next to the tiny house. So it was very much like having a house guest since I could hear him snoring from my porch.

He turned out to be a very nice guy and I did invite him in for a tour of the tiny house and we ended up having quite a long chat while standing up in what was essentially my kitchen. He himself was thinking of downsizing to a tiny house back east where he lives in upstate New York.

Back dated to keep the timeline. Actually written 1/2/2019

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